Back At It Again

Well, I did have good intentions a couple of months ago to start writing and posting pictures on my blog.  Because of a various reasons I did not start.  But no better reason to start up again then my arrival in Norway.  I arrived yesterday after leaving MSP and changing planes in both Chicago and Munich.  Everything went smooth and I arrived in Norway 16 hours after departure.  My good friend and relative Per Odd picked up my father and I at the airport and we spent a nice night at his house.  My father wanted to visit Norway again with me and since I had customers I was already going to be with in August it worked out for him to come a couple weeks before my customers do.  It will be fun being with my father as he enjoys travel and Norway as much as me…well maybe close to how much I enjoy it.

We left this morning and drove first to Gol in Hallingdal.  This is where my fathers great-grandmother came from.  It was a beautiful day and we got lucky meeting a very nice and knowledgeable gentleman by the name of Knut Amundsli, who knew a lot about the family places we were looking for.   Our ancestors came mainly from a place called Liagardene,which are small farms high on the side of the mountains up the Halling Valley.Gol Per-Huse view over Hallingdal  Cool place and unbelievable how people carved out farms in this area.

We got some cool pics of farms and especially a stabbur built in 1527. Gol Amundsli two stabburs from 1500sWe also got a little history lesson from Knut, who talked about his relatives from Roseau, MN named Lee.

We then drove on to Luster in Sognefjord and had a beautiful drive through Lærdal, visiting Borgund Stave Church. Borgund Stavkirke

The last part of the leg before getting to our relative, Borgny Urne Tangen, was a ferry over the Sognefjord.  We had a little sun, a little haze, and a little clouds, which made for a great picture of a sun beginning to set. Sognefjord Sunset

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